Goggle Talk!

Today I am talking to you about a tip I wish I learned before my first marathon swim about goggles. This tip is perfect for pool swimmers, triathletes and open water swimmers looking to make the jump from shorter distance swims to marathon swims. I am talking all about goggle selection for marathon swimming. It isn't as easy as just swimming in the same goggles you use when training at the pool.

The challenging conditions of open water swimming and marathon swimming all should weigh in on what goggles you select. This video explores some of the natural elements to consider when making the jump to open water swimming. This includes swimming at night, swimming in bright conditions, fresh water swimming and salt water swimming. I also talk about some of the effects of swimming in salt water for 4+ hours can have on your face and how it impacts how your goggles fit. This video is perfect for any triathlete, open water swimmer or pool swimmer that is looking to make the jump from shorter distances swim to the marathon distance. Be sure to comment with your favorite goggle style for long swims!

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