Workout Wednesday 8/21/2019

Photo Credit:  Helen Cogan Photography

I know you are as excited as I am to see today’s free swim workout! Here we go!

Speed Session

Today’s workout is one of my favorite sessions. This session is best if done at the pool. If done right, this workout will really get your blood pumping. It is perfect for focusing on your anaerobic capacity, mental toughness and really letting it fly! Don’t forget, misery loves company! Be sure to share this with your friends! Have fun!

Warm Up:

4 to 8 x 50 @ :05 rest alternating 25 drill/25 swim

5x200 @ :10 rest pulling with paddles and a buoy building each one to 90% of max effort for the last 50.

8x25 @ :10 rest 95% of max effort. Get the heart rate up!

Main Set:

6x 100 @ 6:00 Every 100 is MAX EFFORT!

Your goal is to be within 3-4 seconds of your best time and to hold about the same time on all 6 100s.

*6:00 seems like a long interval but by number 4, you will wish you had more time. During your rest you can do whatever you need to do to go fast on the next 100. I personally like to do at least 100 easy to flush out between each max effort 100. Others will kick on the wall and some people just like to do nothing. The choice is yours!

Cool Down

10 minutes of light swimming focusing on technique.

Please leave your questions, comments and suggestions to modify the workout in the comments below. Don’t forget to share the fun with your friends!

Successful swims are built with Endurance!