Workout Wednesday: Beef Up Your Mile!

Photo Credit:  Helen Cogan Photography

Happy Workout Wednesday! I hope you are excited to work on beefing up your mile swim. This workout is all about hitting your goal race effort. If you do it properly, then you will be pretty uncomfortable the entire main set. This workout is perfect for triathletes training for a sprint triathlon all the way up to Ironman. Feel free to do this workout in the open water or at the pool. If you are stuck at the pool and really want to simulate the open water experience, then don’t push off the walls for turns and sight as often as you do in the open water. I hope you enjoy this workout. As always please share with your friends and leave your thoughts in the comments! Don’t forget to have fun!

Warm Up

10 minutes of your race day warm up routine. Do whatever you plan to do on race day to make sure that you are ready to rock!

Main Set

1 x .75 miles @ 2:00 rest holding goal mile effort

1 x .5 miles @ 1:00 rest holding goal mile effort

1 x .25 miles @ 1:00 rest holding goal 1/2 mile effort

5x: Alternating 30 strokes all out/30 strokes easy

Cool Down

5-10 minutes of easy swimming focusing on technique and feeling good.

I hope you have fun with this workout. Remember that all the parts of the main set should be uncomfortable. Your goal is to really be hitting that goal mile effort which will be around 85% of your max effort. Add in some fun by doing this with your friends and get some great pack swimming and drafting work done at the same time.

Successful swims are built with Endurance!