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Join a program that is passionate, determined, and supportive about helping you improve in the water. We offer two options to help you achieve your swimming goals. Whether you are looking to do your first triathlon or train to swim the English Channel, we can help you!

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Monthly Online Membership



“Successful swims are built with Endurance!”



Our workouts are for all levels, from beginner to professional triathlete. Members of the Endurance Swimming Program can expect to improve efficiency, technique and speed. You will also become comfortable with open water swimming and open water swim specific techniques such as drafting, sighting and turning. Don't get mixed up in the pack, start leading it!


Peabody Pool Workouts

6:15am – 7:15am

7:30am – 8:30am

These workouts are designed to help you improve your technique, endurance and speed. You will be given an individualized workout based on your ability and goals. All swimmers are grouped by ability to make a pleasant and fun learning environment. Our facility for pool workouts is located in Peabody, MA.

Open Water Workouts

7:30am – 8:30am

These workouts are designed to help you become more comfortable in the open water. All open water workouts are held in the ocean so that you learn to deal with many different obstacles such as salt, waves, currents and cold. During these sessions you will walk away being skilled at drafting, sighting, pack swimming, turning and many other open water and triathlon specific swim skills. All open water sessions are held in Swampscott, MA.

Additional Locations

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“At the young age of 54, I wanted to become a "guide”  for my son who competed in Tris, as he is as Para-athlete. To do so I had to learn how to swim. 

With hard work and a passionate, dedicated coach, Craig Lewin, I was able to be that guide  ten months later in my first Sprint TRI.  Even though my “Guide" days are behind me I continue to swim twice a week with Craig and our team. During the summer months we swim Open Water in the Ocean. This has been a challenge from the start. With Craig’s continued support I have become less intimidated by the waters and more confident in my swim.

Thank you, Craig for all you helped me to achieve!”

-Helen Cogan

“On July 28, 2018, after training with Endurance Swimming, I successfully swam Peaks2Portland with a time of 1:11.  My first ocean water crossing. I am still riding high from the accomplishment (yes, it is several weeks later). I could not have done it without Craig Lewin or if I had tried, I am not sure I would have enjoyed the race as much as I did.  

Craig’s coaching ability is a true gift.  That coupled, with his amazing skill as an endurance swimmer, makes him one of the most highly regarded swim coaches in the northeast.  If you want to improve your swim performance, I strongly recommend giving his class a try!”

-Shauna LaFauci Barry

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Craig. I have been working with him for last two years and during this period I have PR'd my swim in all distances from 100 meters to Ironman Distance. I am now able come out of the water in top 10% of my  Age group, which puts me in a nice position to push through the bike and run to get on the podium. It is always nice to Craig and his group as he possess vast knowledge in this discipline. I am able to learn a lot from him and his training plans."

-Subbu Venkatesh