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Goggle Talk!

Today I am talking to you about a tip I wish I learned before my first marathon swim. This video is perfect for pool swimmers, triathletes and open water swimmers looking to make the jump from shorter distance swims to marathon swims. I am talking all about goggle selection for marathon swimming. It isn't as easy as just swimming in the same goggles you use when training at the pool. The challenging conditions of open water swimming and marathon swimming all should weigh in on what goggles you select.

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Marathon Swimming Tip: Feed Yo Face!

If you are a marathon swimmer, triathlete or are new to the open water swimming world, then this video is perfect for you. This video is all about how to get the food from the support craft to your face and back. There are all sorts of delivery mechanisms out there but this is the one that I like best and that I use for all my long training swims and marathon swims.

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